Angry Nigerians drag Funke Akindele and her husband for holding house party

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A few Nigerians on Twitter have shown their disapproval with actress, Funke Akindele and her husband for holding a house party amid the Covid-19 lock-down.

Nigerians drag Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele’s husband, JJC Skillz’ celebrated his birthday and the celebrity couple threw a house party that had quite a couple of guests in attendance, which includes Nigerian singer, Naira Marley.

The couple hosted a large number of guests that’s presumably above the expected number of people in gathering that was ordered by the government. This has caused a stir on social media with many people disappointed in the couple for engaging in such a thing amid the crisis going on in the country.

Nigerians drag Funke Akindele

Some were more disappointed with the actress whom they say didn’t consider the health of her twin babies before throwing such a party.

Nigerians drag Funke Akindele

Hear a Nigerian speak;

It is very unfair, very.

People cannot feed because of Lock down, A man stopped Me yesterday, He got someone to give him foodstuff but I should please help him with money for Charcoal…

JJC I felt was always reasonable… This one no follow

What is wrong in these people self? Celebnonsense

Sense is very far from most of them

No b Ur party na… How this one concern u??

No offense bro but if this is his family, he can be merry if he chooses Too.

He is indoors and not throwing a party for the world to attend

This is just so low.i see why most people don’t rate these celebs now.

They all look casual, I guess 90% of them stay in that very house.


This lockdown makes a lot of people jobless and poke nose in what doesn’t concern you….fvck is problem in throwing party with your family??? Get yourself busy with something man

And them get twins ooo , babies for that matter .

Abeg shut the hell up… If. They invited u, I’m sure u will. Be there

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