“Am Not Supposed To Be Seen With Poor Girls, Talk Less Of Dating One” – Wizkid

by CheCheblogs

Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid made this statement days after he talked about his continuous trials in getting Rihanna pregnant which got fans attention .

His fans commented on his love for women far older and wealthier than himself which made Ayo to reveal that he can never date or marry a poor girl.

When he was asked if he can just consider dating a poor girl in an interview with Tontrends, Wizkid repeated himself, saying that he can never date a poor girl let alone marry one.

He said:

 ““Never will I do such, even if I am sleeping I will never dream of marrying or dating a poor girl in my entire life. A successful guy like me is not supposed to be seen with poor girls talk less of marrying or dating one”

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