Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday beats up driver who bashed her car

by CheCheblogs

Curvaceous Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday reveals how she engaged in a physical fight with an unlucky man who bashed her car.

When videos of the actress featured in the heated situation emerged on the internet, she took to her Instagram page to talk on the matter.

According to Nkechi, the man wanted to beat her as he beats his wife so she had to come down and beat craze comot for him head.

The actress thanked the boys in her hood who came through for her when she buzzed them asking for help.

She lamented that her car is now badly damaged because of the man she referred to as an ‘idiot’.

She went called the man who bashed her car the “most useless man alive”, while insisting that she would not be forced to hide under her shell because she’s tagged a ‘celebrity’.

Courtesy: IB9JA

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