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A Nigerian single mum bags Masters Degree from John Hopkins School Against all Odds.

A Nigerian single mum bags Masters Degree from John Hopkins School Against all Odds.
A beautiful Nigerian lady identified as Oluomachukwu Umeojiaka has detailed her inspiring story of how she acquired her Masters degree from John Hopkins school.The single mum shared her story via LinkedIn and revealed how she had to write some exams with her baby strapped to her back.

Before heading to the US She planned to get a nanny to take care of her children so she can focus on her studies.
But like the saying, man proposes, God disposes. On getting there, her plans didn’t work out and she had to shuffle between taking care of her children and going to school.

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At some points, she regretted why she didn’t take the advises she got.
In a detailed post on LinkedIn, Oluomachi wrote: “I thought I had it figured out, a standby nanny, preschool and primary care provider for the kids, accommodation, an international driver’s license, a smart study plan etc.”
Stating further: “Integral plans i had made failed right from the customs clearance at the border. How do I complain and to who? I had fought everyone and it seemed like a challenge at this point.” She was determined.
The hardworking mum woman did not give up on her dreams. She pushed through and today, her struggles and sleepless nights have finally paid off.

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