“A man that was once a bus conductor, now the owner of over 3,000 buses across the country” – Nigerian writer idolizes the founder of Peace Mass Transit, Samuel Maduka

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Nigerian writer who goes by the name, Barick Ritarilla has given reasons for idolizing Nigerian logistics guru and founder of Peace Mass Transit, Chief Dr. Samuel Maduka Oyinshi.

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On Why I Consider Chief Dr. Samuel Maduka Oyinshi (Founder of Peace Mass Transit) My Business Idol And Life Coach, Nigerian Law School Student Writes.

Yet again in our societal political cypher, there exist a man called chief (Dr.) Samuel Onyishi, a true definition of patriotism. A visionary, who believes it is absolutely in our hands to create a better world for all to live in.

Some of us are born with a silver spoon, some with rubber spoons, while others with no spoon at all. Chief Samuel Onyishi is one of those born without a spoon,but his success transgression is nothing short fall of emulation and aping.

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