One of Nigeria’s finest online marketing store by the name Swahiz Online store reopens for sale come Easter Celebration. Customers are pleaded to continue shopping from the 1st of April, while they tender their unreserved apology for the inconvenience their absence might have caused.

Swahiz online stores says an heartfelt sorry for the unannounced exit from the online server for some months now and in compensation is giving out a 30% discount on this Easter Celebration.

The founding director of Swahiz. Mr Kalu Silver have assured the management after the contract between the Swahiz board and GWC Tech hub that was signed some few days ago that such action would never occur again.

This is the rush hours, both customer’s and newbies can join others at Swahiz online shop and shop from the convenience of your home.

For more information on how Swahiz stores operate and to keep updated on all the newest goods, items cum discount at each moment in time, visit them at

Swahiz Online Store: Fast and Satisfactory!

Credit: CheCheBlogs

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