A 5-year-old boy was pulled over by a police officer while driving his parents car to California to buy a Lamborghini with $3 in his possession.

Police officer named Trooper Rick Morgan noticed a driver inside an SUV driving erratically and switching between lanes on a freeway in Ogden, Utah just before noon on Monday. When he pulled the car over, Morgan said he was shocked to find a young boy behind the wheel.

‘My speedometer showed 32 miles-per-hour,’ Morgan told Fox 13. ‘It amazed me that when he heard my siren, he did pull over and stop.

‘When I got to the window and the window came down, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It was pretty clear when the window came down, it was a young, very underage driver.’

When asked where he had been driving to, the boy replied ‘California.’

The underage driver told troopers that he left the house following an argument with his mother after she told him she wouldn’t buy him a Lamborghini.

Police say he had been trying to reach his sister’s house in California and had planned to buy a Lamborghini when he got there, with the three dollars in his pocket.